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ACF crash supplies' partnership with Helios and becoming a preferred distributor of Mobihel car refinishing coatings brings you world class vehicle paint, solvents, primers and hardeners products needed for any repair project.

Helios founded in 1924 and become one of the world leading producers of automotive and industrial paints and lacquers. ACF have now partnered with Helios to bring you their best selling automotive paint product Mobihel. Helios has been at the forefront of developments in the coatings industry, keeping pace with those made by large global manufacturers. The recent introduction of the Hydro base mix system for vehicle refinishing, along with a full range of VOC complaint products.

Helios consists of five production companies, a network of distributors selling paints and lacquers and numerous marketing companies spanning Europe, UK and Austrasia who sell our products with knowledge and skills.

The Helios car refinishing programme is marketed under the brand name Mobihel. The programme consists of a wide range of products combining high quality with competitive prices.

  • Complete VOC complaint paint system for vehicle refinishing
  • Complete solvent-based paint system for vehicle refinishing
  • PE putties and 2K sealers for different types of substrates
  • Fade out products for local repair of minor damage
  • Products for painting and repairing plastics





 ACF Crash Supplies is a preferred distributor and colour matcher of Mobihel range throughout South Easterner Melbourne area.